The beginning: 

NORÐ was founded in 2013 in Odense in the southern region of Denmark. The ambition was to create groove metal with progressive elements and inspiration from the Nordic folk music tradition.
Within a year the band had written a full set and started playing live gigs. The audience had a very positive response to the band’s music and performance.
In 2016 the recordings for the debut EP “Alpha” began at Molten Rock Studio in Odense with producer Jesper Egeskov Sommerby.
In 2017 drummer Rune Kolsbjerg Hansen joined the band, after the departure of Magnus Elisson, and played his first gig with the band at the release party for 'Alpha'.
Released in March 2017 on the Finnish label Inverse Records, the lead single of 'Alpha'; “Rosehip Garden” received airplay in several countries, including The United States, Australia, The Netherlands, Italy and Spain. 'Alpha' also received some very fine reviews both in Denmark and internationally. 



Since the release of 'Alpha', the band has had a very busy live schedule.
Some of the highlights so far: (just to mention af few of many)
Supporting mighty Hamferð along with Caustic in NORÐ’s hometown Odense.
Playing Odense Harbour Culture Festival with Annominus & Isbjörg. Playing H.C. Andersen Festival. Playing with Theory & Encyrcle at Posten, Odense. Playing at ObScene with Shadowspawn & The Petulant and playing Metal Café at Godset, Kolding with Arsenic Addict.
Also, Plekter tour with Royal Deceit & Odd Palace, where NORÐ’s very dear friend Perle (Invocator) joined NORÐ on stage at the show in Odense!  (*see photo)



In august 2018, NORÐ released the track 'The Run' on the metal compilation 'Hell Comes Around III', along with an official music video for the track!

At the end of 2018, Bjarne Matthiesen parted ways with the band, and NORÐ played a few shows in 2019 with Anitta Soliz Nielsen (*see photo) on vocals, but she decided to move on to other project. 

Photo: Lise Hansen

The return:

Bjarne Matthiesen fortunately got back on board, and NORРended 2019 with a live performence at Studenterhuset, Odense 28/12, that showed that the band is back to it's original solid form! (*see photo)
The first concert of 2020 was with Svartsot, at Kansas City, Odense and proved that NORÐ is indeed back and kicking ass!! 
On the 7th of November 2020, NORÐ performed at Studenterhuset, Odense with De Forbandede (The Damned)


Album release:

2022 has been the year where we all have gotten back on the road and into the venues!

Most of 2020/2021 was used to record/produce/mix NORÐ's first full-lenght album, titled 'Machine Blood (Inverse Records)' which was released 4th of march 2022, and the album was played live in its entirety, along with 2017's Alpha EP, as well as a brand new track, at Studenterhuset, Odense.
You can check out some of the reviews here!

If you wish to preorder the album on CD, or get one of our new cool Machine Blood- t-shirts, check out our Merchandise page here.

Both Niels and Thomas were special guests on the youtube-talkshow, Danish Guitarists. Check out the episodes here.

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Bjarne Matthiesen


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Niels Thybæk-Hansen


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Thomas Bøgh Jensen


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Peter Littau


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Rune Kolsbjerg Hansen


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