NORÐ released their debut EP 'Alpha' march 3rd 2017 through Inverse Records.

Melodic progressive groovemetal, powered by high octane energy and melancholic soundscapes. The powerful vocals ranges from clean to scream and deep growling. It's heavy, groovy and has elements of fast thrash as well as slow doom, with a dash of death and folk! The dystopian lyrics about human decadence completes the experience!





NORÐ was formet in 2013. Originally, the band consisted of bandmembers from Denmark, Faroe Islands and Iceland, and the ambition was to create heavy music with a nordic ambiance, and to combine melodic soundscapes with tight riffs.

The first set of tracks was written within the first year, after which the band went on the road, and was very well received by the metal community, and the demand for recorded materiale started to arise!


Recording started in 2016 for the debut EP 'ALPHA', in Molten Rock Studios, with Jesper Egeskov Sommerby as producer. When the single 'Rosehip Garden' was publised in november of 2016, there was international as well as domestic interest, and the single had a lot of airplay in U.S.A., Australia, Holland, Italy and Spain.



'ALPHA' tracklist:


1. Kill the Marshalls (*)

2. Rosehip Garden

3. Restless

4. Omega

Produced by Jesper Egeskov Sommerby @ Molten Rock Studio

Cover art: NMAAR

All tracks written & arranged by NORÐ.

All lyrics by N.Thybæk-Hansen, except * by N.Thybæk-Hansen & M.Elisson.


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